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Author: Claudia Platzer


Jump into our Portal to the future. Here at Fotomerchant, we have made it our mission to streamline your workflow and rid your studio of

Facial Recognition & Selfies

Welcome back to our new blog series, facial rec and chill. This installment will look at how our facial recognition can be activated through the

SPAC 2023 Recap

As the SPAC whirlwind slows down, let’s pause for a moment and reflect. Amongst the late nights, chapped lips, and speedy conversations, we achieved a

2022 Recap

As the world returned to normality, business began again as usual… but we didn’t. Committed to pushing forward through innovation, our 2022 was a year

Knowledge Base Tour

Think of our knowledge base area as your hitchhiker’s guide to Fotomerchant. Don’t panic; our knowledge base area will guide you. Catch up on new

SPAC: Looking Back

As SPAC 2023 looms, we are feeling nostalgic. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at SPAC times gone by. SPAC History Lesson