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Showcase your brilliance

Give your amazing photography the platform it deserves with Folio, your studio’s superpowered website builder. It’s not only the perfect showcase for your high-volume offering — you’ll also find a range of customizations for your gorgeous portfolio work.

Turbo templates

Get twice the presentation quality in half the time with effortless and intuitive template-based site construction.

Flexible layouts

You know you’re oozing with talent, but do your customers? Tailor your site layouts to bring out the brilliant best in your work.


Monetize your magnificence with a fully integrated shopping cart that we’ve purpose built for your studio’s portfolio offering.

Winning SEO

Send your studio to the top of Page 1! Access industry-leading SEO tools to ensure you rank as highly as possible in search engines.

More platform features

Capture to the cloud

No cables, no fuss — just you, the camera, and the Fotomerchant cloud.


Congratulations! You’ve officially resized your last head. Studio’s got that covered now, with smart face cropping and sizing that nails it every time, in real time.

Admin made easy

No more spreadsheets. No more emails. No more headaches.

Are you ready?

If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, then Folio is the perfect solution to power your studio.
Take a look at our all-in-one solution for smaller studios.