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Author: Claudia Platzer

Knowledge Base Tour

Think of our knowledge base area as your hitchhiker’s guide to Fotomerchant. Don’t panic; our knowledge base area will guide you. Catch up on new

SPAC: Looking Back

As SPAC 2023 looms, we are feeling nostalgic. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at SPAC times gone by. SPAC History Lesson

Running Events 101

Imagine this. Colleagues push together to get snapped, and lanyards swing to and fro on the dance floor. There is an undeniable buzz in the

Gallery Notification Emails

We always have our ear to the ground here at Fotomerchant, and one of the biggest concerns that keeps on arising is, “how on earth

Abandoned Cart Email

You sit down to make an order, but then a bird flies in the room, the baby starts crying, and a storm begins while the

The Importance of Backgrounds

Backgrounds: this can be a truly divisive feature option. Through our exposure to the industry, we have noticed a clear preference for the style of

Pre-Order Automation

If you use one of our direct fulfillment labs, say bye-bye to handling pre-orders via other systems. With our new pre-order automation feature, streamline your

Cart Features

It’s all about the bells and whistles! Customizing your shopping cart with features that promote sales is our jam: everything from promotional highlights, pop-ups, and