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Optimized marketing for maximized sales

Put a rocket under your online sales with our intelligent e-commerce solution. Designed to deliver a personalized experience for clients and unrivalled transparency to marketers, Commerce is the order management solution you’ve been waiting for.

The metrics that matter
See how it all adds up across the entire platform. See bird-eye stats, or get granular with information on average order size and time of day orders are coming, performance comparisons over time, and much more.


Cart smarts

It’s so much more than a shopping cart. Tailor the check-out experience based on your business priorities and master the upselling game.

Let’s get personal

Track everything your customers do throughout the shopping and checkout process to create personalized experiences that make you stand out.

Automated marketing

Our Automated Behavioral Marketing (ABM) technology lets you tailor messages that are automatically triggered by certain events or dates.

Real-time insights

Access dashboards for all activity on the platform, giving you in-depth insights to help you make genius-level marketing decisions.

More platform features

Capture to the cloud

No cables, no fuss — just you, the camera, and the Fotomerchant cloud.


Congratulations! You’ve officially resized your last head. Studio’s got that covered now, with smart face cropping and sizing that nails it every time, in real time.

Admin made easy

No more spreadsheets. No more emails. No more headaches.

Let’s go!

Get in touch for a chat or even jump straight in with a live demo — and discover how you can make your Studio workflow better, faster with Fotomerchant. We promise you’ll love working with us.