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Facial Recognition & Reference Images

Welcome to the most binge-worthy new series on the market; our facial recognition blogs. This blog will be the first of many to take you through the many workflow cases we have that use facial recognition. Capture, Studio, and Commerce all use facial recognition to automate your workflow. So put on your comfiest pants, grab a snack, and get ready for facial rec and chill.

Let’s begin episode one with one of our most popular use cases, facial registration using reference images. Like any good story, we need a riveting plot. Let’s paint the scene.

You’re knee-deep in a job, snapping away at the most exclusive kindergarten event. Everything is running smoothly and as planned. They say never to work with kids. Well, they’ve obviously never used facial recognition and Capture.

As the children are dropped off for the day, one of your photographers is set up near the entrance, ready to take a reference picture. As the Client sent you the subject data beforehand, you’ve created QR codes pre-event. While the parent/guardian drops off the child, the photographer scans the linked QR code and then snaps a photo. This reference ID image is immediately linked to the subject data.

Let’s get back to your whereabouts. You are taking some roving pictures, getting your power stance on. As you take cute candid photos of the kids playing, the images are sent to individual galleries. How is this magic happening? Facial Recognition. Thanks to the reference photograph taken on the way in, the photos will be linked to their subject gallery each time a child’s face is spotted. No need to re-scan the QR code; you can now put the reader down. Brilliant right? As the event carries on, parents will receive an SMS link to the gallery so they can watch the photos trickle in. You also have the option to set the gallery live after you perform your post-production tasks, so it’s a win-win all around!

That’s just one use case. Happen to get the reference pictures before the event? No problem. You can set this reference picture up beforehand so that when you get to the event, you can start snapping away and let facial recognition do the sorting. ID photos can be taken before, during, and after an event. Now that’s what I call workflow without the work!

In the workflow outlined above, any photos identified with a registered face are sent to the subject’s gallery, ready to be purchased. All you need to do is focus on taking the amazing pictures you were hired to take. Awesome.

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