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Author: Claudia Platzer

SPOA 2024 Wrap-Up

Thank you to everyone who came and caught up with us this year. It was great to see all your faces. For us, this year’s SPOA

Blueprint Migration: Real Talk

Real stories from real users As our unified team pools our efforts to build a bigger and better Blueprint, we’re migrating Fotomerchant and Simplephoto users

MVP 2024 Recap

Well, that was fun We’ve just wrapped up MVP for this year and are already missing you all! Thank you to everyone who attended the

One unified team

Better together As we join forces with ImageQuix and Skylab, we are building a high volume solution that will transform our industry. In this industry,

A Blueprint for the future

Blueprint is the core platform We have exciting news: ImageQuix is consolidating all its high volume brands into one seamless platform. Going forward, Blueprint, ImageQuix’s

Winning Back the Non-Buyer

How consumers purchase is shifting on a global scale. Although the high-volume industry is steeped in tradition, it’s undeniable that the tide is also changing

Put Your Emails to Work

We’ll Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy You know how it goes, seasons come and seasons go, but one thing remains the same, parents cherish their children.

Spring Kick Off

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and photographers setting up their tripods. As spring approaches, it’s time for you

Abandoned Cart Makeover

Unlock the Power of Abandoned Carts Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Today, we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at the glow-up we’ve given to our