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Author: Claudia Platzer

Gallery Notification Emails

We always have our ear to the ground here at Fotomerchant, and one of the biggest concerns that keeps on arising is, “how on earth

Abandoned Cart Email

You sit down to make an order, but then a bird flies in the room, the baby starts crying, and a storm begins while the

The Importance of Backgrounds

Backgrounds: this can be a truly divisive feature option. Through our exposure to the industry, we have noticed a clear preference for the style of

Pre-Order Automation

If you use one of our direct fulfillment labs, say bye-bye to handling pre-orders via other systems. With our new pre-order automation feature, streamline your

Cart Features

It’s all about the bells and whistles! Customizing your shopping cart with features that promote sales is our jam: everything from promotional highlights, pop-ups, and

Customer Cart Experience

First impressions matter. When it comes to customer cart experience, we understand that less is more (unless ice cream is involved). The last thing you

Session Templates

Better. Faster. What do we mean by this? Here at Fotomerchant, we are focused on streamlining and improving your studio workflow. One way we do

The Opt-In Feature

Man, oh man, collecting customer data seems to be getting trickier by the day! One of the most resounding comments we hear from studios is


All good things in life are defined in terms of comparison. Pizza vs. salad, the beach vs. a parking lot, Apple vs. Android (I’ll let