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One unified team

Better together

As we join forces with ImageQuix and Skylab, we are building a high volume solution that will transform our industry. In this industry, great tech speaks volumes, but what makes all the difference is our people. 

Our new unified team pools decades of industry knowledge into one place. As we all work together to build Blueprint into a powerful, all-encompassing platform, we are leveraging some of the most respected and brilliant minds in the industry. Haven’t heard our platform amalgamation news? Take a look at this blog first to learn about our exciting new direction.

We’re all here, poised and ready to grow your studio like never before. In this blog, I’ll take you through our recent company meet-up and introduce some new faces to the team. 

Without further ado, let’s catch up with the new unified team.

Bonding, planning, and strategizing

Last month, we all gathered at our new HQ in Raleigh North Carolina. Flying in from Australia, Canada, Austria and the UK; we came from all corners of the globe. Fighting the jet-lag, we made our way to the new office, excited to finally meet the faces we’d connected with over zoom. It’s always interesting seeing people’s heights in real life! 

Getting straight to work, we blocked out meetings, strategized and combined our brain power to plan for the future. We’ve got some exciting projects in the works, all directed by one clear objective: help to grow your business.

Let’s be real. New relationships aren’t formed in the board rooms; they happen outside the office! With this in mind, we broke off into smaller groups to break the ice with some team-bonding activities. Enjoy a few snaps taken below of our time together. From ziplining, to food tours, golfing, kayaking and escape rooms, we mixed with new team members and made some incredible memories! 

Meet the unified team

Through combining teams, we have gained some great new additions. Now that we are all working towards one goal, we are ready to innovate like never before. Here are some faces you may be aware of, or indirectly aware of the excellent projects/products they have developed. 

Unfortunately we can’t highlight all of our great team here, so here are a few for now.

Priyanka Sai Sankar
Lead Marketing Strategist

Working with our current customer email marketing team, we’re learning so much from Priyanka’s expertize. We’re excited to have Priyanka’s invaluable input into our marketing tactics. 

In April 2024, Priyanka and her team increased customer marketing-attributed revenue by an average of 75% compared to April 2023. Yep, you read that right!

 Priyanka has an impressive track record spearheading ImageQuix’s email marketing strategy. She is highly analytical and constantly works to improve customer campaigns. 

Alireza Shafaei
Director of Machine Learning

Use Skylab? This is the brains behind the clever bulk image-correcting software.  

We’re excited to have Alireza, one of the Skylab founders, on the team. With a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Computer Vision from UBC, Reza has over 10 years of research experience and 5+ years in the industry. A true problem solver, Alireza is putting his energy into streamlining your studio workflow, one powerful algorithm at a time. He is an incredible asset to our team! 

Anthony Iavarone
Product Support Manager

If you’ve worked in the high-volume industry, you will have encountered Ant. An ImageQuix OG, Ant has a solid background in customer relations and process improvement.

As a CAPM-certified professional, Ant has blended his technical IT skills with smart marketing strategies to boost studio revenue. 

All about improving user experiences, Ant is incredibly committed to providing great technical service, always putting customer satisfaction first.

The four-legged team

It’s only fair to include our furry friends. At Raleigh HQ, these valued members of the team have important duties. Napping, cuddles, and that’s about it. I guess you could call these guys the personality hires. 

We're dreaming big

Why? Because the high-volume industry deserves it! We believe this industry is ready to experience the same transformative innovation that streamlines businesses in other industries. This is just the beginning!

The world is changing, and your time remains a valuable commodity. So, as we unify our teams, products, and solutions, we have this cornerstone in mind: we want to free up more of your time so you can focus on growing your business.

Thanks for joining us today to meet the unified team. If you want to learn more about our new team, contact your CS resource.

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