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MVP 2024 Recap

Well, that was fun

We’ve just wrapped up MVP for this year and are already missing you all! Thank you to everyone who attended the MVP’s 17th year; we appreciate you. To take a stroll down the not-so-distant memory lane, we’ve compiled this blog to reflect on this year’s conference.

Missed MVP? No worries, let me fill you in. 

What Exactly is MVP, Anyway?

The Mastering Volume Photography (MVP) conference has been the must-attend event for anyone in the high-volume photography industry for the past 17 years. It’s where studios gather to catch up on the latest trends, technologies, and strategies shaping the future.

Session highlights

This year’s MVP was packed with insightful content. We had everything from lively panel discussions to hands-on workshops, all designed to give you practical tips and insights to help your studio thrive.

Viva las workshops

Our lineup of workshops was a major highlight. These hands-on sessions, led by Drew Starr and Kati Townsend, invited Cherished Memories, the Photo Guys, and Dave Stock to share parts of their capture workflow. 

Split over three interactive sessions, we looked at QR code picture days, how to optimize a tethered workflow, and how to leverage metadata. 

Data-backed email marketing

In Priyanka’s Tuesday session, attendees received useful tips and tricks on how to enhance their email campaigns. She didn’t just offer advice; she backed it up with solid data, transforming complex statistics into actionable insights.

In her extremely useful presentation, Priyanka did the impossible: she made dense data feel less cold. 

Keynote speakers

We showcased two excellent keynote speakers this year.

Redmond Ramos showed how we could turn struggles into success through perseverance. A crowd favorite, a very lively Q&A followed Redmond’s talk.

Michelle Mei highlighted the power of good leadership. In this interactive session, Michelle shared tips for building genuine relationships and trust with those around you. 

Anyone else feeling inspired? I know we are!

The future of Blueprint

One of the standout sessions focused on the future of Blueprint. The packed room was a testament to the excitement surrounding this topic. We unveiled upcoming developments that promise to revolutionize Blueprint and the high volume industry as a whole. 

Be part of something exciting with a new, united, dedicated team. Click here to learn more.

Bright AI-deas

Artificial Intelligence is transforming photography. Period.

In Coty and TJ’s sessions, attendees learned how AI can streamline studio workflows. For example, Coty revealed in her session about add-ons that AI can reduce production time by 90%. Amazing right?!

These sessions sparked numerous conversations about the future of AI in photography and its already popular status, with over 150 million images being edited by AI to date.

Everybody loves a good panel

This year, we hosted a series of panels featuring success stories and case studies from various studios. 

These panels provided real-world examples of how your fellow studios have adapted to changing market conditions, implemented new technologies, and achieved remarkable growth. The stories were not only inspiring but also offered practical takeaways that attendees could apply to their own businesses. 

Looking into the high volume crystal ball

One of the underpinning themes of MVP is shining a light on emerging trends in high volume photography.

This year, we heard powerful insights on the future of the industry. These discussions equipped attendees with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on new opportunities. Who needs a crystal ball when you have MVP?

Knowledge sharing is caring

One of the most rewarding aspects of MVP is the opportunity to network. From lobby chats to evening socials, there were countless opportunities to connect with fellow high volume professionals. These interactions allowed attendees to share experiences, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions together—of course, with the occasional chuckle in between. We were in Vegas, after all; it’s the law to enjoy yourself! 

If you’re lucky, you may even find your long-lost best friend at MVP. This year, a TikTok created at MVP went viral, it’s currently at 1.4 million streams and rising. Created by user, click below to view.

Every good bromance needs a sequel. Luckily, did not disappoint. 

Did somebody say party?

It wouldn’t be Vegas without a bit of a party! On Monday, we kicked things off at Troy’s in the Golden Nugget, enjoying a rooftop patio overlooking Fremont Street, great music, and delicious crudités. 

Tuesday’s Happy Hour was a perfect mix and mingle. Set in Booth hours, attendees sipped on tasty drinks while learning about all of the innovative leaps and great products our 2024 sponsors are offering. Shout out to our sponsors for supporting this year’s MVP! 

We wrapped things up on Wednesday with another Happy Hour, featuring fresh popcorn and chips and dips. If attendees were too busy munching and sipping at the parties, the endless meetings, sidebar conversations, and dinners gave everyone plenty of chances to swap experiences, ask questions, and share laughs.

Until next year!

For those in the high volume industry who haven’t yet attended the MVP conference, we highly recommend you join us next year. It’s an investment in your business that will pay off in spades. The knowledge, skills, and connections you’ll gain are truly invaluable.

For more detailed insights into what we covered at the conference, you can read more here. If you have any feedback on the MVP conference this year, we’d love to hear it! Please click the button below to fill out a quick form.

We hope to see you at the MVP conference next year. Until then, keep innovating, learning, and growing. 

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