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Buckle up; SPAC 2024 is right around the corner. Bring on the long nights, long days, and chapped desert lips. 

This SPAC, we’re on a mission to help you grow. Our fully automated workflow is geared to streamline operations, engage customers, and boost your revenue. Whether you want end-to-end automation or to fill in the missing parts of your workflow, we’ll meet your unique needs. 

This blog will take you through what we’ll be up to this SPAC. Let’s jump into the exciting talks, unforgettable parties, and new friends that await you.

Win Back the Non-Buyer

Join us on Thursday, January 25th, at 2:00pm for a talk that delves into the world of abandoned carts. Speakers James Anderson and Anne Badalamenti will share data and insights from multiple industries, unveiling proven strategies to win back the elusive non-buyer. Say goodbye to abandoned carts and hello to paid-in-full ones!

Let’s Party

After soaking up knowledge, it’s time to let your hair down on Saturday, January 27th, at 4:30pm. Dive into an AUS sports-themed party, where you can compete for cash prizes. Strike your best touchdown pose after getting your yearbook photo taken in the foyer. The competition winners will be announced at the Fotomerchant party. Let the games begin.

Fotomerchant, Where Studios Come to Grow

With many great solutions in the industry, choosing the best option is hard. Let us make it simple for you; with Fotomerchant, you’ll grow in these three ways:

With Fotomerchant, you’ll have more control. Automate to your heart’s content or retain control over specific workflow aspects – it’s your choice. With a refined API connection, tried and tested for reliability and security, Fotomerchant’s automated workflow is the key to your studio’s growth.

“We captured a lot more automation on Fotomerchant that made it so we could set our seasons up and set up our galleries with less people and handle our uploads with less people.” – Brendan Collopy

Fotomerchant covers all the bases, from automated face cropping to smart knockouts and intelligent pose technology. Our integration with Perfectly Clear and Skylab ensures automatic image enhancements for that perfect shot. Choose from a vast range of backgrounds to customize your studio’s look.

We don’t just send you to a knowledge base and say goodbye, we’ll help you navigate where you want to go. Providing ongoing support even after onboarding, we’re always around for a chat. We’re cool like that. 

“The people, you just can’t not like your crew. It’s real people. If you look at the group you’re working with; everything else falls in place.” – Matt Steckley

Our revamped onboarding process ensures a guided and supported journey for your studio. Partner with Fotomerchant, and you’ll have a dedicated support team, proactive in addressing pain points and working towards maximizing your studio’s potential.

Leverage data to grow your business with Fotomerchant. Win new school clients and convert non-buyers with our data-backed marketing. Our School Photography Industry Report provides insights to navigate industry changes. Encrypted and secure, your data is in safe hands with routine risk assessments to safeguard information.

Implement abandoned cart emails that work with Fotomerchant’s rigorous split testing. Our data-backed marketing, including seasonal and promotional campaigns, is constantly evolving.

The Future Is Bright: Fotomerchant x ImageQuix Partnership

Fotomerchant is teaming up with ImageQuix to bring you enhanced capabilities and stay at the forefront of innovation. This is not just a partnership; it’s a game-changer. More brains, better solutions – you get the drift.

What does this mean for you? Along with enhanced capabilities, you’ll be ahead of the curve. Together, Fotomerchant and ImageQuix are on a mission to keep things fresh and cutting-edge. Your evolving needs? Consider them met with the best solutions in the industry. Period. 

See You There!

That’s just scratching the surface of what we have in stall for you this SPAC. We can’t wait to catch up in person to reflect, plan, and, of course, joke around. 

Go on, come find us at SPAC 2024, and let’s grow together.

Are you using Fotomerchant yet?

Get in touch for a chat or even jump straight in with a live demo — and discover how you can make your Studio workflow better, faster with Fotomerchant. We promise you’ll love working with us.

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