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Spring Kick Off

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of birds chirping, flowers blooming, and photographers setting up their tripods. As spring approaches, it’s time for you to gear up for the upcoming season. At Fotomerchant, we know preparation is key, so we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you make this season your best one yet. Let’s do this.

Prep for the New Season in Commerce

Whether you’re shaking things up or sticking to what has worked in the past, starting the season on the right foot is crucial. Create a new season in your account to keep your marketing, reports, and Portal organized. This simple step makes gathering data as pleasant as a spring breeze.

Increasing prices? Please make us aware. Communicating these changes is essential so we’re all on the same page. The same also goes for changes to your product offerings. Fresh offerings can add excitement and attract more sales, so if you plan on incorporating new products, let us know!

Start fresh. Duplicate your session template, adjusting settings as needed for the upcoming season. Don’t forget catalogs and packages—review and make necessary changes. Future you will thank you for these clearly defined, season-specific frameworks, making informed decisions for the following seasons straightforward.

Update Your Backgrounds

Spring is a time of renewal, and your background offerings should reflect that. Fotomerchant provides studios access to a diverse library of backgrounds suitable for any season. Take this opportunity to review and refresh your background options. Contact your customer success team to add a cost associated with new backgrounds.

Review Your Client List

Take advantage of the calm before the storm to review your client list in Commerce. Check for duplicates, ensuring accurate client information. If you are using Portal, remember that charges are per client, so eliminating duplicates can save you from sneaky added costs.

Stay Informed

Our team is always working on new releases and improvements. Stay in the loop with webinars offering insight into upcoming features, releases, or features you may not be utilizing to their fullest potential. Check out our blogs for additional information, ideas, or customer stories because who knows what your workflow might be missing?

Lock In Your Marketing Plan

Do your future self a favor and ensure your marketing plan is in place. Take advantage of our data-informed approach to marketing to make your next season better and faster than ever. Learn more about that in this blog here.

With the right preparation and our support, this season is bound to be a blooming success. Keep an eye out for upcoming webinars we’ve got coming your way. As you prep for spring, keep up to date with ways you can further streamline your workflow. We’ve got your back; let’s make this season unforgettable together.

Reach out to get started with us or learn more.

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