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School Photography Industry Report

The day we have all been waiting for with bated breath is finally here. So, with great excitement, I’m here to welcome you to the first School Photography Industry report! The report you will see below is a joint initiative between Fotomerchant and School Photographers of America (SPOA).

Data. Does that excite you? Well, it should. The data we collated for your benefit can transform how you conduct your studio. We believe that data allows for educated and concise moves within the industry. Without data, we would be standing in the dark, unable to track what works and flops. This report is your touchstone for valuable information and insights that will inform and inspire your organization to grow.

The best part of this is that we’re just getting started. This report is a foundation for further research and comparison to find correlations and insights that will span into the future. So strap in and get ready for a wave of beneficial information coming your way in future reports. 

The report is split into four key components: Demographics, Price, Quality, and Choice. I will give a brief overview of the highlights captured in this report. For the in-depth analysis, you can download the report for your casual perusal. We cast our metaphorical net large for this survey and surveyed a whopping 31 thousand individuals. 

See the below graphic to see this number broken down.

We surveyed a mix of parents and teachers to understand better customers’ order habits and the more practical needs of teachers. ​​Teachers hold crucial input as they hold an influence over school photos and yearbook processes.

Without giving too many spoilers away, you really should see it for yourself; here are some interesting results we saw emerge from the data for parents. For the parent demographics, we noticed the majority of survey respondents were 36-45 years of age and female; this changes how we interpret the data collected further below.

Woah, Woah, easy there! That is all I am going to show you here. Download the report to see more of this juicy data (and there is plenty more where that came from). 

As we look to use this report as a baseline for further studies in the future, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide your feedback via the feedback form. After you undoubtedly devour the report, please share your thoughts on what you found informative and where you think we can improve.

More is better when it comes to data collection. If your company wishes to participate and gain access to these surveys to be included in your communications this fall, please register here.

We could not have completed this mammoth effort without help from a plethora of studios nationwide and the individuals who graciously donated their time and feedback. We extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in creating this report. We are standing on the precipice of knowledge that can mold our industry for the better, only created through a collaborative effort and understanding of a common shared goal, which I think we can all agree is to provide a service that makes us all proud.

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