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Let’s face it…

… identifying people in group photos can be a time-consuming pain. All that back-and-forth, people not in the right places, human error throwing a spanner in the works. Studio’s facial recognition does the identifying and naming for you — painlessly, instantly, and error-free.

A smile from year to year

Using a state-of-the-art facial recognition algorithm, our AI quickly and effortlessly tracks and tags individuals across years, no matter their age, charming grin or cheesy grimace.

Time savior

Studio’s reliable one-stop naming solution means you can finally put your feet up and relax. No more emails or spreadsheets to send back and forth, and no more irritating errors.

Customer feedback

“Wow. Fotomerchant is so fast, incredibility powerful and so simple to use!”

Mike Strawbridge
Strawbridge Studios

Let’s go!

Get in touch for a chat or even jump straight in with a live demo — and discover how you can make your Studio workflow better, faster with Fotomerchant. We promise you’ll love working with us.