2023 School Photography Industry Report

Our 2023 School Photography Industry Report is right around the corner, and we hope you are excited as we are to prepare for 2023 and onwards with data that provides values. So, before the new report is released, let’s reflect on how it can improve your studio’s functions for the better.

Why the Survey Matters

With great data comes great responsibility. 2023 is your year to harness the data collected in our industry report and make revenue-increasing changes. If you watched our recent roundtable webinar, you might have noticed the excitement and buzz our guest studios emitted around the 2022 survey that allowed studios to understand better what the customer wants. Such insight cannot be underestimated, but don’t just take it from us! Here is what some of the participating studios had to say:

“It's really good, important information. And it's been helpful to look at and say, okay, the projects that are currently working, does it align with what we just learned?”

“If you are not paying attention to the real data, and you're thinking about how you think, what you think, your opinion, all those things. It's gonna bite you because that's not correct.”

The Power of Asking the Right Questions

This year we called upon studio guests and webinar participants to help us craft the perfect survey questions. As much as we pride ourselves on keeping up with all industry-related trends and movements, we recognize that studios have an on-the-ground knowledge that hugely benefits building our survey questions. So we wanted to hear from you. Yes, you! This was an excellent opportunity for studios to obtain an answer to the age-old question, what do my customers really want?

Gearing your questions to answer suspicions you may have about the importance of, e.g., paper flyers, is essential when thinking about the industry’s general direction. As stated in the roundtable:

“A lot of what we do in our industry is still based upon the industrial and information age. So those type of questions that pull us in deeper into the digital age and trying to understand what mom the consumer is going to do are really helpful."

How Are We Improving

As our first attempt at such a mammoth data collation, we inevitably made some mistakes. We are only human, after all! Learning from what we missed, our 2023 report will now include yearbook and sport event data findings.

As we expand our scope of research, we are also conscious of building upon what we have already gathered. One of the great benefits of having an industry report already under our belt is the comparisons we can draw between 2022 and 2023. Customer behaviors will undoubtedly shift coming out of COVID and entering into a shifting economic climate. Priorities in products may change as financial pressure increases. As we look forward to the future, each year will provide the potential to compare new reports with the past and notice any trends developing in the data. By tracking how customers are shopping, we can help you to make educated decisions when planning the future of your studio.

Our 2022 report gave us a great foundation to build upon as we aim for the stars in our data-fuelled rocket. Did you miss out on our 2022 report? Check out some past webinars and blogs featuring that data anytime on our website.